Learning Foundations

Learning Foundations is a Diagnostic and Learning Center in San Antonio, Texas. For over 40 years, we have been providing the most efficient and effective solutions for students with dyslexia, attention, auditory processing and other learning problems.

This blog was set up as a way to share our resources, knowledge, experiences and compassion with those who suffer the pain of having a child with a learning disability.

The main focus of this blog is to give hope to all of the families that are going through the experience of not being able to see their loved ones shine in school or at work and be proud of themselves.

There IS a solution to this problem.  It does NOT involve drugs.  It does NOT involve seeking special accommodations that will handicap your child for the rest of their life.  The brain CAN be retrained and permanently end the pain the pain associated with learning disabilities.

Please feel free to share your stories, insights, websites, articles and other resources with this community.


2 thoughts on “Learning Foundations

  1. There are many ways to help your grandchild with dyslexia.

    You can order the DVD from this website:

    More importantly, you can explore options for Orton-Gillingham based reading and spelling programs designed for dyslexics.

    Visit http://www.brightsolutions.us for more information.

    There is a FREE web-video called ‘Could It Be Dyslexia?” which will answer many questions.

    You can also look for certified dyslexia tutors in your area.

    Remember. It doesn’t have to be this way for her. With the proper instruction, your grandson CAN learn to read and write.

  2. Having just watched your documentary, “Journey Into Dyslexia,” I was very moved, as I have a grandchild who has struggled with dyslexia since the beginning of first grade. He is now in the eleventh, reading at a third grade level. How can I get a copy of the doctumentary.
    Thank you so much. Linda Adams

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