Fine Motor Skills Provide a Surprising Pathway to School Readiness

fine motor handsWhen it comes to achievement, many people are surprised to learn that a major predictor is the quality of a student´s fine motor skills. There are several reasons for this correlation.

  • The first is there are some areas in the brain (the prefrontal cortex to be exact) that are involved in both the processing of motor information and cognitive tasks. Therefore children who have greater motor abilities also tend to have better achievement because stronger motor skills early in life strengthen the neural connections that also assist children in many academic tasks. This link is particularly strong when it comes to math.
  • Also children who have well developed motor abilities at a young age are better able to navigate and manipulate their environments allowing them to gain a greater range of experiences early in life which set the stage for stronger academic skills.
  • An additional benefit of strong, early fine motor skills is the direct benefit in the classroom. Children use fine motor skills in schools when they write and draw and most of their early learning is derived from these processes. Children who are more comfortable doing these things will have more processes free to focus on classroom lessons rather than devoting most of their effort to the process of writing.

Based on these findings the most successful interventions for students who don´t possess strong fine motor skills early on or have a developmental disability, is a program that incorporates a number of tasks that require repetitive fine motor movements.

10+ToddlerEvidence suggests that these types of interventions should focus on developing and improving the child´s visual spatial integration skills to have the greatest impact.

Click this link to read the entire article

If your child is struggling in this area our learning center has program specifically design to improve visual spatial integration skills. Give us a call today at (210) 495-2626, or

JOIN US and other parents at our Parent Information Meetings on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm. This is an opportunity to ask questions and explore possibilities about how to best help your bright but struggling child.


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