Learning Foundations Featured in NOWCast San Antonio

“Learning Foundations Helps Dyslexic Students Attain Success”Image is the title of the feature article on NOWCast San Antonio a community website with articles about local events, health & environment, politics, culture and education.

Laura Carter, the article’s author visited Learning Foundations for our annual End of Year Lego Contest and was impressed to see the kind of detail and creativity our dyslexic students can show.

“A passion for helping others and programs that make a difference in people’s lives–phrases usually associated with nonprofit organizations. To be fair, these qualities can also be found in for-profit businesses. At Learning Foundations, programs specifically created to help children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities teach students how to succeed in school and, consequently, their lives. The Learning Foundations’ staff is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the children whose lives they work passionately to improve.”

To read the entire article, visit NOWCast San Antonio’s website at http://nowcastsa.com/blogs/learning-foundations-helps-dyslexic-students-attain-success.s

Thanks again to Laura and NOWCast for visiting with us and helping us spread the word that smart kids with learning challenges can become successful and confident individuals.

For more information about the different programs at Learning Foundations, please call (210) 495-2626 or attend a Free Parent Information Seminar.


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