Dyslexic High School Student Talks About Finding Your Passion

Piper Otterbein is a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School. This amazing young woman talks about her experience growing up with dyslexia in school, and how she found her passion.

To the many parents and students who are suffering from dyslexia, this is a story of hope.

Never forget that dyslexia comes with as many gifts as it does with challenges. The great news is that the brain can be trained to correct challenges with reading and spelling.

But the gifts, that people with dyslexia often have (creativity, visual spacial skills, people skills, empathy, problem solving) those are all skills that are not typically learned.

If your child is struggling to read and you believe may be dyslexic, get started now on a multi-sensory reading approach so that he doesn’t have to go through life crippled by this condition.

Visit http://www.learningfoundations.com/dyslexia for more information or call (210) 495-2626 to schedule a consultation.


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