Petition to keep Dyslexia as a Diagnosis on DSM-5

Sign the petition below to keep Dyslexia as a Diagnosis on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

If you or your family have been touched by dyslexia, it is imperative that you read this and do something about it.

What is the DSM – 5?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) is the official list of mental disorders and their code numbers as recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.  This is used as a universal list for the purposes of research, diagnosis and insurance payments.  Any official diagnosis must be in the DSM in order to be widely recognized and acknowledged by professionals in the field of medicine, psychiatry, psychology and education.

Why is this important?

The DSM 5 Committee is considering removing dyslexia from their list as a diagnosis.  This decision goes against years of neurological and psychological research on dyslexia.  There is so much evidence, both observational and medical about the presence of dyslexia.  It has been medically recognized with MRI and CAT scans as a different way of processing information by the brain.  Since 1896, Dyslexia has been recognized world wide as a the most common neuro-psychiatric disorder affecting reading, spelling and writing.

What are the consequences of removing Dyslexia from DSM – 5?

Removing dyslexia from the DSM – 5 will set back laws and policies that protect students with dyslexia around the United States.  This would prevent practicing psychiatrists, psychologists and physicians from being able to diagnose this well described, widely known and validated clinical condition


After so many years of advocacy, many state governments have been enacting laws requiring students with dyslexia be taught in ways that leave them on a level playing field.  This move would invalidate all of those efforts, and leave the almost 15 million children in America who struggle with dyslexia unprotected.

Millions of children are falling through the cracks in school and in life simply because they learn differently.

Help these children get identified in the future by signing this Petition by the Yale Center of Dyslexia and Creativity.

Share this with friends, colleagues and loved ones and spread the word!

If your child is struggling to read and spell, and is increasingly frustrated in school, you should ask yourself if dyslexia might be the cause.

To find out more about dyslexia, visit 


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