What’s More Expensive Than College? Not Going to College

What’s More Expensive Than College? Not Going to College – Derek Thompson – Business – The Atlantic.

This excellent article from The Atlantic highlights the true costs and benefits of attending College.  Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Even with College tuition rising at historic rates.  The return on investment for a College education over a lifetime still makes a College degree an essential tool.
  • College graduates earn 80% more income than High School drop-outs.  This income gap is higher than ever before.
  • $100,000 spent on College at age 18 would yield a higher lifetime return on investment than if that money was spent in the stock market, gold, real estate, Government bonds or even AAA Corporate bonds.
  • The average rate of unemployment in 2009 for College graduates was 5.2%; compared to 9.7% for High School graduates.
  • Median weekly earnings in 2009 for College graduates were  $1,025; compared to $626 for High School graduates.

For many that struggle with learning and reading challenges, going to College is a faint possibility.  This is because most of them are so frustrated by the time they get to High School that the thought of 4 or 5 more years of school is just terrifying.  Most would rather start working full time and try to find a skill that they can market to other employers.

The sad fact is that students that are struggling in school, lack the cognitive skills necessary to survive and thrive in an independent academic environment such as a University.  So they are faced with two choices:

1) Forget college altogether, play the odds and hope to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.  Or…

2) Invest early on to strengthen those underlying cognitive skills  to become successful in College and have a higher-paying career.

If you suspect your child might have a learning disability, or if he/she is not living up to his potential.  Investing in cognitive training might be the best single thing you can do to secure his future.


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