Experience Dyslexia First Hand

Experience Dyslexia First Hand

Nearly 20% of American children have some degree of dyslexia. Most students, however, go undiagnosed. They are often labeled as lazy or just plain stupid. Research shows that dyslexia and IQ are unrelated, but why is reading still so hard for them?

Dyslexia is a language processing problem that cause children and adults to struggle with decoding.  This means that matching the sound a letter makes with its symbol is very difficult.  Whereas most people would be able to identify the individual sounds in a word like “bat”  as /b/ /a/ /t/, someone with dyslexia might say identify them as /pa//t/ or /b//at/.

PBS created a “Dyslexia Simulator” to demonstrate what it looks and feels like to struggle with this reading difficulty.  Take a few moments to learn this phoneme translation key, and then read the passage below, substituting the original letter sounds with what is on the translation key.

q = /d/ or /t/           p = /b/

             z = /m/          b = /p/

                                                        ys = /er/         /a/ as in apple = /e/ as in eddie

We pegin our qrib eq a faziliar blace, a poqy like yours enq zine.  Iq conqains a hunqraq qrillion calls qheq work qogaqhys py qasign.  Enq wiqhin each one of qhese zany calls, each one qheq hes QNA, Qhe QNA coqe is axecqly qhe saze, a zess-broquceq rasuze. So qhe coqe in each call is iqanqical, a razarkaple puq veliq claiz.  Qhis zeans qheq qhe calls are nearly alike, puq noq axecqly qhe saze.  Qake, for insqence, qhe calls of qhe inqasqines; qheq qhey’re viqal is cysqainly blain.  Now qhink apouq qhe way you woulq qhink if qhose calls wyse qhe calls in your prain.

Do you still think they are dumb, or not trying hard enough?  Did you get frustrated and give up?  Can you imagine if it was like that EVERY DAY?

CLICK HERE to read the actual text.

If you live in San Antonio and think your child might be dyslexic, call us at (210) 495-2626 right away and RSVP for a Parent Information Night.


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