3 Cheap and Easy Ways to Start a Successful School Year

Girl drawing back to schoolNo doubt you will make at least one trip to HEB or Target this month to buy school supplies and clothes for your child.  A new school year is always exciting and full of hopeful anticipation.  But it is also a burden on the family budget.  You will find Back to School specials for all of the things these stores promise that your child absolutely NEEDS to survive this school year.

The secret is… the most effective thing you can do as a parent does involve plenty of planning, but little to no shopping!

Here are 3 cheap and easy strategies to make this school year run more smoothly

1. Set up to Support Homework

Organize a work space or portable tote with enough office supplies and resource books.  Be sure there is a quiet, well lit area for studying that your child finds comfortable and appealing.

Put up large white board (2′ x 3′) where your child can MAP OUT and VISUALLY SEE homework, personal schedules, upcoming tests, critical due dates and special events.

Help your child create a routine or system for getting homework completed while participating in their extra-curricular activities and other personal commitments.

 2. Prepare for Supportive Send offs

Help your child jump-start his school day by making him a good breakfast that includes protein and fruits.  Make a habit of getting backpacks, lunch money, permission slips, extra gear ready the night before.  Leave your childrens’ backpacks next to the door so they are ready to go in the morning.

Tack up a simple checklist with visual cues as to routine steps that need to be followed before leaving for school.
– Pack homework
– Brush teeth
– Pack lunch
– Kiss mom goodbye

 3. Strategize and Organize Against Pitfalls

Determine a way to effectively control and monitor T.V., computer and video game time so that it does not eat away your child’s energy and time needed to complete homework.

Decide where to say “no” to good things in order to insure that the best things actually happen – both in your schedule as well as your child’s schedule.

Get yourself organized for the day the night before so that your personal stress level is down and you’re free to offer your child emotional encouragement and send them off with a loving hug!


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