Ohio House Passes New Dyslexia Bill

“Many times the proper diagnosis of dyslexia is what holds students back from receiving the kind of educational instruction most appropriate for their individual situations.  Often times a student may fall through the cracks in which he or she is not ‘behind far enough’ to qualify for special educational services,”        –  Rep. Ted Celeste; sponsor of the bill

  • Ohio HB 96 was passed today, which includes dyslexia in its definition of learning disabilities, and will allow for students with dyslexia to be included in the list of students who are given special instruction at school.
  • The bill also creates a pilot project in partnership with local libraries to provide early screening and intervention services for children.
  • Early intervention is important to prevent students from failing through their school careers and possible dropping out of school.  The cost for the state for a student that is not identified early on is much greater due to factors such as misbehavior, anxiety and future remediation programs.

When dyslexia is identified early on (1st or 2nd grade), we can prevent students from significantly falling behind in their reading, spelling and vocabulary.  Because success in most subjects depend on the ability to read and write properly, these students will unfairly face a string of failures throughout their first years in school.  This will greatly affect their self-esteem and their approach to learning.

 While dyslexia can not be “cured”, it IS possible for dyslexics to learn to read and write.  If your child shows some warning signs of dyslexia from an early age, you should get an evaluation as soon as possible.


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