What is a parent to do in the summer?

What is a parent to do in the summer?

“By the end of summer, my kids lose so much of what they learned in school!”

Parents are frustrated to see their children struggle during the school year, and lose the few gains they made during the summer.  They are heartbroken when academic problems affect their children socially as well.  Other kids make fun of them when they can’t keep up in school, miss recess or refuse to read out loud.
Their child works hard throughout the year and barely gets passing grades. Parents fear their child will burn out if he doesn’t get a summer break.  Others sign up for summer school hoping that these classes will bring him up to speed.  However, often they end up going back to a tutor or to content mastery in the fall.

What CAN you do this summer to help your child strengthen his learning skills?

More of the same is NOT an option.  Neither is playing for two months.
           The GOOD NEWS is that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Brain research shows that through cognitive brain training, the brain can grow and change throughout a lifetime.  This means for children that work harder than the average student, but still get lower grades, years of frustration and embarrassment can be replaced by success and self-confidence.
Comfortable, independent learning occurs when students have a strong foundation of underlying processing skills like memory, attention, processing speed, logic and reasoning, language and phonemic awareness.  Unlike academic tutoring, cognitive training results in permanent, measurable changes in a child’s ability to learn.
Training is designed to be low stress, multi-sensory and most of all FUN activities and exercises for children and youth that dread going to school.
Take advantage of the gift of 1,752 summer hours. A program of 3 to 4 hours a day for six weeks can make an incredible difference for your child next school year.  This summer give your child confidence and the ability to be successful.

Learning Foundations is a diagnostic and learning center in San Antonio, Texas.  For over 40 years we have helped students of all ages overcome their learning difficulties and become successful learners.
Learn more about brain-based learning, visit www.LearningFoundations.us


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