How to Make Learning Easier – Prevention is Key to Reduce Drop Out Rate

How to Make Learning Easier – Prevention is Key to Reduce Dropout Rate

“What we’ve learned is that the sooner we can provide intervention, the better a student’s chances are for academic success.”

Tyler Shoesmith; NEISD dropout leaver coordinator

  • According to a recent publication by the North East Independent School District, the drop out rates in San Antonio are alarmingly high.
  • A drop out is classified as any student in grades 7 through 12, who is not enrolled in school and who has not graduated.
  • High school drop outs are at the highest risk of being unemployed, poor, relying on public assistance and they have a higher likelihood of being in prison.
  • Most student drop outs suffer from learning difficulties and that struggle for years in school and see no results.  This endless string of failures often leads them to give up on school.
  • Early intervention is the key to prevent a student from dropping out of school; however, it is never too late to correct a learning disability.  Through intense and consistent cognitive training, centers such as Learning Foundations have been fixing learning deficiencies in students ages 6 through 36 for the past 15 years.

If your child is struggling year after year in school, get him the help he needs before they decide to drop out.

Interesting Fact – NEISD keeps track of student drop outs through tools such as social networking sites, state school databases and visits to homes.


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