How to Make Learning Easier – Parents the First Line of Defense Against Learning Disabilities

How to Make Learning Easier – Parents the First Line of Defense Against Learning Disabilities

“Children who learn differently or with difficulty need our help to tap into their full intellectual potential.”

Dr. Stanley Greenspan; Author of “The Learning Tree: Overcoming Learning Disabilities From the Ground Up.”

  • A recent poll by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation shows an alarming lack of knowledge by most parents and educators about learning disabilities and their underlying causes.
  • Learning Difficulties such as attention deficit, hyperactivity and speech problems are usually a symptom of a neurological interference rather than a diagnosis.
  • Neurological interferences lead to auditory processin problems, as well as  problems in reading, writing, math and motor movement.
  • Children with good memories can get by unnoticed in the early grades but usually hit a wall when they reach 4th or 5th grade and are expected to learn more abstract concepts.
  • With the early intervention of parents, and a cooperative effort between teachers and learning specialists, your child will be able to realize his/her full intellectual potential.

 “The solution is to identify the essential sensory or processing skills that need to be strengthened. For example a child may have a very strong visual memory–if you show her a series of cards, she’ll readily remember the picture and words written under them–but she may have poor visual-spacial processing. Some children may have motor problems but be very good with abstract visual problem-solving.”


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