How to Make Learning Easier – Is My Child Learning Disabled?

How to Make Learning Easier – Is My Child Learning Disabled?

“A new GfK Roper poll found that seven out of 10 parents, teachers and school administrators incorrectly linked learning disabilities with mental retardation.”

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Much has been said lately about how many children are being diagnosed, misdiagnosed or NOT diagnosed at all with some kind of learning disability.  We know that around 30% of the student population struggles with school despite having appropriate intelligence.  Here are some tips if you suspect your child might be learning disabled:

  • Don’t wait for them to “grow out of it” – Many parents make the mistake of attributing immaturity to their child’s learning problems.  This leads children to be identified until after the 7th grade, when the warning signs can be detected as early as 3 years old.   Warning signs include – clumsyness, speech delay, inability to socialize with others or trouble establishing a dominant hand.
  • Don’t mistake it for lazyness or lack of motivation – By the time children with learning disabilities make it to grade school, they have already learned to cope with their difficulties in different ways and their frustrations are manifested by different behaviors.  Most have already given up because they think that no matter how hard they try, they will still not succeed, so they stop trying.  Be patient with them and find them the help they need.
  • Don’t ignore the consequences of inaction – In this changing economy, having a proper education is more important than ever.  Approximately 25% of students with learning disabilities drop out of high school, and only 61% graduate with a regular diploma.  The percentage of prison inmates with learning disabilities is also alarmingly high.
  • Don’t lose hope – MOST learning disabilities can be corrected through specific and consistent cognitive training programs such as the ones offered at Learning Foundations.  Whether it is dyslexia, attention deficit, speech or developmental delay, the earlier your child is diagnosed and gets treated, the better his confidence will be when he goes to school and at home.  You don’t have to settle for a life filled with hours of homework every night and frustration every grading period.  Make the right move towards your child’s success NOW!

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