How to Make Learning Easier – “Dyslexia the secret of DaVinci and Picasso’s Success”

How to Make Learning Easier – “Dyslexia the secret of DaVinci and Picasso’s Success”

“Many dyslexic people prefer to work out problems by thinking and doing rather than speaking.”

Dr. Nicola Brunswick

  • Both Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso were known to be dyslexic, according to researchers, this could have been the reason their artistic talents.
  • A study in Middlesex University in England has shown that dyslexic are by far superior at processing 3D information, which is an essential ability for artistic talent.
  • This research published in the journal “Learning and Individual Differences” suggests that dyslexics have a better understanding of space.

“Researchers from Middlesex University think they have explained the reason behind some of the world’s most recognised artworks, such as the Mona Lisa.

They tested the visuo-spatial ability, the ability to process 3D information, of 41 men and women. The ability is essential to artistic talent.

Half of the participants suffered from dyslexia, so had trouble spelling, reading and writing. The researchers found that the dyslexic men did better than the other men on many of the tests, including remembering reproducing images.”

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