4 classroom tips for teachers with dyslexic students.

These are a few teaching tips for classroom teachers with that have dyslexic students or students who have trouble reading.  Many of the anxieties that these students have in the  classroom are caused by their reading difficulties.  These 4 strategies will take the stress away from the students trying to capture all the information in a short time period.

– Giving Homework – Write it on a yellow post it note and stick it onto their journal to save them from having to rush to get it written down.

– Worksheets – Adapted their worksheets to enlarge the text so they don’t have so much information on one page.

– Paper – Change the color of the paper that you use to do worksheets or handouts.  Use blue or yellow paper to eliminate the problems that many dyslexic students have with the glare on the white paper.

– Background on projector screen/smartboard – Change the color of your background on your projector/smartboard to help eliminate the glare.  I recommend a black background and orange text, or a blue background with black text.



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