“I can’t do this, but I CAN do that: A film for families about learning disabilities.”

HBO Family will be airing a 30 minute documentary on the lives of children with learning disabilities.  This is a wonderful story of 8 boys and girls with learning problems who discover their abilities and use their strengths to overcome their learning challenges.

Although children with learning differences may find it extremely difficult to learn how to read, listen actively or do math, they all have other talents and gifts such as creativity and problem solving skills that go beyond what the “average” student has.  If your child has a learning problem, it is EXTREMELY important that you help him find his gift and encourage him to develop it.

Most importantly, you should know that these learning problems CAN BE FIXED!  Centers like Learning Foundations can diagnose, and train your child to permanently fix their learning challenges so that they can be confident, successful and happy.

For more information and showing times please visit their website: http://tinyurl.com/32t5sms


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