Increase your child’s ability to listen!

In a previous post, we discussed how some children can get misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  Often times attention problems are actually symptoms of other processing problems such as Auditory Processing Disorder.  If a student has trouble processing what he is hearing, it will be increasingly hard for him to pay attention.

Share the following tips with parents and teachers that will increase your child’s ability to listen in school and at home:


– Improve the acoustics: close a window, shut a door, add a rug.

– Seat a child in the front of the classroom, away from disruptive students.

– When giving assignments, ask a teacher to face a child, speak slowly, and use simple sentences.


– When you have a conversation with your child, make sure you are in the same room and that he isn’t watching TV or listening to music.  Turn off any appliances that are running.

– Before starting a conversation, be sure your child is ready to listen (finished with what she was doing). Face her directly and make sure she’s looking at you.

– Speak slowly and use simple, short sentences; pause between ideas.

– Have your child ask you to repeat something that he doesn’t understand.


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